Visiting Singapore? Here's what to eat!!

Singapore is well renouned for many things. Her world-class airport, clean environment, friendly people, etc... Amongst many things, food culture is very vast in this small country. Here, we go around to hunt for places only the locals would know about!!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

This was a reasonably priced restaurant for dim sum. They offer 50% off their dim sum A La Carte menu from Mondays to Saturdays, 30% off on Sundays. The restaurant occupies 2 floors. 2nd floor for banquets, weddings and functions, while the 3rd floor is a restaurant. It overlooks the racecourse but wasn't really interesting as there weren't any horses. Our view was partially blocked by the drawn awnings as it was raining.

Item are priced from $3.80 to $6 for their standard lunch menu. Food taste is reasonably ok and the bill came to about $42 for 3 people. Most items off the menu is pretty much standard. This place specialises in seafood and tables around us were ordering lobster, prawns, 'la la', etc...

Service is pretty and the waiter/waitress were pretty attentive to replace used plates, topping up of tea.

An average and cheap place to chill with a couple of friends over some food.

Restaurant Details:
200 Turf Club Road
Mainland Grandstand Turf City
Tel: +65 68832112

Free shuttle bus servies every 0.5 hour from and to
- Ang Mo Kio MRT
- Toa Payoh Bus Interchange
- Clementi Bus Interchange


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