Visiting Singapore? Here's what to eat!!

Singapore is well renouned for many things. Her world-class airport, clean environment, friendly people, etc... Amongst many things, food culture is very vast in this small country. Here, we go around to hunt for places only the locals would know about!!

Friday, June 30, 2006

Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice

This Hainanese (one of the many Chinese dialects) chicken rice stall in Maxwell Market is totally sinful. The chicken breast meat is full of flavour and melts in your mouth. To complement it, it comes with soft fragrant chicken rice and a generous serving of spring onions and a bowl of broth to wash it down.

They have won numerous awards for their signature dish, CHICKEN RICE!!

Singapore Hawker Legends 2005 (Makansutra)
Heritage Food Oscars 2003
Green Book Best Food Awards
Food Glorious Food 大小通吃
The Straits Times 海峡时报
LianHe WanBao 联合晚报
LianHe ZaoBao 联合早报
Yummy King 优选美食王
Makansutra 美食面面观
City Beat 城人杂志

This is what the facade of the store looks like. see picture above. Definitely bang for the buck.
Location: Maxwell Rd Food Centre Stall 10
Time: 1100 - 2000, Off on Mon
Contact: 96914852
Price: $2.50 - $3 (you will probably have to spend more as it's to die for :o)


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