Visiting Singapore? Here's what to eat!!

Singapore is well renouned for many things. Her world-class airport, clean environment, friendly people, etc... Amongst many things, food culture is very vast in this small country. Here, we go around to hunt for places only the locals would know about!!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. I visited the restaurant about mid-day for dim-sum. For those who are unfamiliar with the term 'dim sum', it is actually small portions of food that comes in bamboo steamers and you have it over a pot of tea. Restaurants usually have a variety of selection of teas.

This is one of the better Chinese restaurants we've dined in before. We had the following dim sums dishes:
* spring rolls wrapped with generous amount of prawns and a slice of peach, dipped in tangy salad cream (best dish)
* steamed char siew buns (char siew is barbequed pork)
egg tarts (soft, creamy, smooth; you got to have this one)
* char siew pastry
* prawn dumpling (with real prawns!!)
* chive dumpling
* stewed chicken feet (marinated really well)
* rice paper rolls with prawn or char siew filling in a bed of soy sauce
* steamed glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaves (good)
* century egg and pork rice porridge

Decoration in the restaurant is done up really well. Peach-coloured interior emphasises the restaurant's name "Peach Garden" and it gives a very warm ambience which adds to the ultimate dining experience. The service in the restaurant is impeccable as well. Waitresses were quick to respond to empty cups and periodic changing of messed up plates made dining a lot more comfortable. Well worth the 10% service charge!!

The bill, which includes a 10% service charge and 5% GST, came to $30 for 2 persons, which is really reasonable. Definitely a good recommendation for anyone who like a light or full lunch, with good service.

Restaurant Details:
Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant
@ Thomson Plaza
301 Upper Thomson Road,
#01-88 Thomson Plaza
Tel: (65) 6451 3233

Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant
@ Novena Gardens
273 Thomson Road,
#01-06 Novena Gardens
Tel: (65) 6254 3383


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