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Singapore is well renouned for many things. Her world-class airport, clean environment, friendly people, etc... Amongst many things, food culture is very vast in this small country. Here, we go around to hunt for places only the locals would know about!!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

This week, we bring you one of the best Western restaurants / beer place in Singapore we have tasted in, BREWERKZ. They have even recently claimed a gold medal in the Association of Brewers (AOB) World Beer Cup 2004, a global beer competition that evaluates beers from around the globe and recognizes the most outstanding beers being produced in the world today.

It is located at next to Singapore River, opp Clarke Quay. The interior ambience is marvellous. Certain parts are dimly lit to create the perfect dining experience. There are brewing drums around which emphasies its "brewery" presence. Waiters/waiteresses were attentive to the needs and know what to offer us.

We had their nachos with double cheese for starters. Incredibly crunchy corn chips and they were most generous with the cheese, guacamole and SOUR CREAM!! Yum!! This was the prelude to something better to come....

Next course, I had Sausage and Mash (bangers and mash as we would call it in Australia) while my friend had their Lamb Shank. We nearly died (in a good way) when the food came. Generous portions and their mash was one of the best we have tasted. Real potatoes (not the powdered stuff) with a bit of skin to give it a rustic feel, mixed with butter, salt and possibly some milk to give it that good smooth consistency. As for the shank, it was standing a good 5 inches on the plate!! A taste test revealed its true colours. Meat off the bone easily and melted in the mouth, complimented by their gravy, it was simply sumptuous.

To top our food rampage off, we washed all these down with their good selection of beer... ranging from the fruity stuff (FruitBrewz) to the wheaty stuff (e.g. Oatmeal Stout). As I'm not into the heavy stuff, I had a Hopback Ale and a FruitBrewz (blueberry flavour). It was that smooth... uncomparable to anything I've had before.

The total bill came to the low $100's but we spent all night in there chatting without anyone chasing us out or giving us the bill prematurely. It was definitely one of the most pleasure dining experiences I've ever had. A definite must to go if you are in the Clarke Quay vicinity.

Do remember to call to make a reservation before going, else you might be disappointed in not being able to find a seat!!

Do check out their website

Restaurant Details:

30 Merchant Road
#01-05/06 Riverside Point
Singapore 058282

Tel: (65) 6438 7438

Opening hours:
Lunch: Monday -- Saturdays & Public Holidays (12pm to 4pm)
Dinner: Daily (4pm to 11pm)
Brunch: Sundays (11am to 4pm)


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